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whurk is an interactive platform that offers real-time
opportunities for students to earn rewards, while helping
the world’s leading brands reach new audiences.

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When you join the whurkforce, you gain access to our collection of whurkorders - manageable
1-2 hour jobs, available when you are. Complete the whurk, get paid.

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whurkorders are delivered directly to your phone. If you’re able and interested, simply accept the whurkorder – if not, maybe next time. whurk when you can - it's your call.

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Engage your peers with cool brands while capturing basic details on their experience and ultimately help the brand better understand student interests while boosting your personal influence.

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whurkorder complete, reward delivered - you earned it. Choose cash or rewards from brands like Apple, Starbucks or Domino's. It's your call.

“This experience was genuinely a lot of fun. As a marketing major I feel this has given me a preview of working in the real business world. Living on a campus with so many peers makes it easy to distribute promotional items and even easier to spread the word via social media.”

Alexis Merrincot
University of Washington, ‘16

“It was really awesome getting to connect with members from organizations that I hadn't met before. Social media made the process a lot easier to connect to students as well. Students were genuinely interested in what I was doing, which was a really cool chance to get to tell them a little bit about whurk.”

Shaun Osbourne
Ohio State University, ‘17

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